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The Monte Maggiore, overlooking on one side the basin rich in mineral waters of Riardo and on the other the Volturno Valley, since the time of the Bourbons was hunting territory of the wild boar of the barony of Formicola.
From the name that the locals gave the male boar ('u Verru) the Farm is named "Il Verro". The story of this adventure is rooted in friendship started back in the sixties, when on the benches of high school meet five young hopefuls. Like all long-standing ties needed nourishment: now, what nourishes and makes a solid and irreplaceable human relationship, if not a shared interest?
Thus, a piece of land gently sloping, completely invaded by brambles and weeds, became the catalyst for the energies of friends now eager to return to solid values ​​of the oldest traditions of his native land, creating a venture ambitious: to produce quality wine and olive oil.



The company produces about 20,000 bottles from three grape varieties; Casavecchia, Pallagrello Bianco and Pallagrello Nero.
The grapes are produced from fully owned vineyards, characterized by rich lava soils, facing south-south-east where there are significant temperature variations between day and night; surrounding the Estate ancient olive trees, walnut and cherry.
Il Verro has rediscovered and begun the development of the ancient vine Coda di Pecora (Tail Sheep) in the past cultivated in the area between the Monte Maggiore and Roccamonfina. Trials are underway from some years. Frojo in 1875 mentions it in his work on viticulture in Campania.

The development of old grapes and the production of fine wines that follow the traditions linked to the territory is our philosophy.