Wine stories. Campania vines with an English accent

Behind our communications (cell phones and everything else) there are powerful networks. Among the world leaders in the sector is the Swedish company Ericsson. Capo, for South-Eastern Europe (Italy and the Balkans) is a cheerful and nice gentleman from Campania who, while speaking English, has not lost the accent of his land. Not even when he was appointed worldwide brand manager. I have known Cesare Avenia for many years, but recently I discovered that he produces excellent wines in the Il Verro company in the province of Caserta.

The two products so far, Verginiano and Montemaggiore, have an exceptional quality / price ratio for the few who manage to get them, given the modest quantity on the market. Verginiano (Pallagrello in purity) is dry and soft with a skilful aftertaste and should be used well beyond fish dishes. Montemaggiore (Casavecchia in purity) needs to breathe a lot. If drunk immediately after opening, it reacts like a beautiful capricious girl awakened with a start. But after hours it reveals a great Italian red, pasty, allusive, with an aftertaste that enters the memory ..

Bruno Vespa, 2012