Lautonis, the red of the five friends

What will we do when we grow up? Five friends from Caserta didn’t even think about it in the green years, together with the high school, together with Naples, university students. They bought a vineyard. The earth, their land, holds them together again. Vines that sink into the clay between Formicola and Pontelatone. The casavecchia is generous red, intense in color and scents, “Laitonis 2011” has one more shot: freshness, moderate tannins, full of red fruit, fortune-tellers cherry and plum jams. “Il Boar” was the boar: the Bourbons hunted him, perhaps even the 5 friends. Ericsson President Cesare Avenia, doctors Cesare Nacca and Stefano Mingione, teachers Antonio Barca and Angelo Cavaiuolo. They are now focusing on the winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio: an ambitious project. Luigi Veronelli will rediscover the casavecchia, he denounced the neglect. Now look happily at the Five from up there.
La Repubblica, June 28, 2012